1. General Terms
    The Terms and Conditions detailed herein are general in nature and refer to all works, regardless of type carried out, or to be carried out, by Asbestos Training Limited.
  2. Work quoted for will be carried out following the receipt of a client order. Verbal orders will only be acted upon following the return of an Asbestos Training Limited official booking form. Any provisional will be offered are that until a booking form has been received.
  3. Payment Terms
    All prices quoted by Asbestos Training Limited with a view to undertaking a work, are exclusive of VAT.
  4. All works will be invoiced on receipt of booking form or at least 14 days before works are carried out, & subject to the same terms as section 5 of this document.
  5. Payment must be received before any training courses commence, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any training where:
  6. Asbestos Training Limited reserve the right to charge interest on the full invoice value of any overdue or non-payment invoice during dispute at a weekly rate of 8% above current base rate.
  7. Asbestos Training Limited reserves the right to adjust prices quoted in its literature if necessary, after a 90 day period from publication of such literature, this will not affect fees already paid.
  8. Open Courses
    Once your booking form has been received you will be invoiced for the total amount, should you wish to change or amend your booking please note that we operate a strict 14 day cancellation policy.
  9. more  than 14 days from the start of your course
  10. Asbestos Training Limited operates a minimum delegate number policy and if a course is undersubscribed with less than 30% of the places booked at 7 days prior to the start of the course, you will be offered: 
  11. Please note that we cannot be held liable for any other fees outside of your booking, such as hotel accommodation, travel expenses, taxi’s, rail fares etc..
  12. Should a cancellation be necessary due to factors entirely beyond our control, i.e. adverse weather conditions, sudden and unexpected illness of the tutor, or fire, flooding, etc at our training centre venue, item 9 above will apply.