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Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Refresher

Approved Asbestos Awareness Refresher

Suitable for Directors, Managers, Supervisors and all Trades with Previous UKATA Training from any other provider.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 now include the duty that employers shall provide appropriate training for all workers who are likely to be exposed to asbestos. Our online asbestos awareness course can ensure that this requirement is met.

This course is the first UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Refresher, this allows delegates familiar with Asbestos Awareness to complete the course much faster in comparison to the initial courses available.

UKATA Excellence Awards Finalist 2018

Asbestos Refresher Training Asbestos Training Limited is the UK’s leading provider of Online Asbestos Awareness Training.

UKATA Approved E-Learning Refresher training course. This course is open to ANY person who has completed a UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness (online or face to face) training course in the past 18 months. You DO NOT have to have been trained by Asbestos Training Limited as the system we have, links up with the UKATA Certificate Generator and will perform a pre-course eligibility check before allowing you to undertake the refresher course.

Asbestos Training Limited have been successfully delivering face to face training to the UKATA standard for many years. As the first UKATA approved E-Learning training provider that still maintains its UKATA membership, we have developed this modular based course for previously trained personnel.

What You Will Need

  • You would had to have completed the asbestos training (UKATA ONLY) in the past 18 months, if you haven’t completed this or it is older than 18 months you will need to complete the initial course, click here to book the initial training. ((Click here to validate eligibility))
  • You will need a copy of your certificate as there are details that will need verification.
  • You will need the date you were last trained.
  • You will need the certificate number.
  • You will also need the exact name that appears on the certificate to fully verify.

How it works?

Once the pre course checks have been undertaken and verified by UKATA, you will have to complete a training needs analysis for four modules. The fours modules were covered in your previous training. If you answer the TNA questions correctly, there is a short recap that you must complete and then move onto the next module. If however you fail any module then you will be required to resit that module which is a timed module. Once complete you will receive your UKATA Asbestos Awareness Refresher E Learning Certificate. The name on the certificate that you enter for verification, will be the same name on your new certificate and this cannot be changed.

This is a UKATA approved course and you will receive a genuine UKATA Certificate - No extra charge.

  1. Go to "Book Now", pay for the required amount of packages that you need. Once payment is received and cleared, your secure login and password will be automatically emailed to you by our system, giving you instant access to the online training portal 24hrs 7 Days a week.
  2. Carry out the course as instructed, at your own pace, you may return to the online portal at anytime and check your progress as you learn. Complete the application form and then complete the assessment - all online.
  3. Once successful your UKATA Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Refresher Certificate will be emailed directly to you. We offer every delegate learning support via email and telephone to ensure that your learning experience will be successful.

How to pay?

  • 3 payment methods available
    1. Online – Click on the book now button and follow the instructions
    2. Telephone – Please call us on 0800 612 4115 to pay over the phone
    3. BACS – Please call us for BAC’s payment details


This training course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of asbestos ONLY, it will not provide information on how to carry out ANY work with asbestos. This is a UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness E-Learning course and is aimed at workers who are likely to be exposed to asbestos but not intentionally work with asbestos.

Refresher Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Training

Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Refresher (UKATA Approved)

£25.00 +VAT
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