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Your legal responsibility in Asbestos Training

Your legal responsibility in Asbestos Training

Posted on Monday 20th March 2017 by Graham

Despite asbestos being banned from construction use in 1999, asbestos can still be hidden in many homes, factories and business-premises across the UK. Asbestos is harmful and can be a direct threat to you and people around you if the fibre is disturbed so it is vital to know the laws in place and what your responsibility is if you come across or damage asbestos.

Who Is Responsible?

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) state that it's the responsibility of the "duty holder" to ensure its regulations are adhered to. The duty holder most commonly would refer to the building's owner, however this can also refer to a third party if the company or person has a 'clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair of the building.'

If you are working in a building which could contain asbestos, the procedure you should follow is:

  • Request to see a copy of the asbestos register which should detail what asbestos and where it is within the building.
  • Stop working immediately, you should never try and remove asbestos yourself.
  • Keep everyone out of the area and report to your line manager.
  • Minimise the spread of contamination.


Is Asbestos Training a legal responsibility?

The current Regulations place a legal duty on all employers and companies to provide full information, instruction and training to all their employees who may be liable to come into contact with asbestos containing materials.

The three main types of information, instruction and training are:

Not only should all employees working with asbestos take initial asbestos training but it is also extremely important that they take refresher training every year. Taking refresher training will ensure you are up to date and can protect yourself and those around you.


We can provide you with all the training you need

As Category A, B and E-Learning Members with UKATA, we offer the very best in training solutions for you and your employees.

Our online training is perhaps the most convenient. It allows delegates to complete Asbestos Awareness training any time of the day on virtually any device including iPads! We are also the only UKATA member to offer true Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Refresher training. - This could save your team hours in training!

We have a dedicated training centre, based on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border with easy links to London and the rest of the country. Or, if you would prefer, we can deliver training at your premises for up to 12 delegates at a time.

Not sure which course you or your employees would need to complete to meet regulations? Not a problem. Please either E-Mail: or call 0800 612 4115 where one of our team will be able to help.


  • On 2nd December 2017 16:57 p.m.
    John Mclaughlan said:
    Can I do the UKATA CAT B asbestos awareness course online?
    Graham's Reply:
    Hi John, unfortunately the Asbestos Awareness Cat A is the only course available online. Take a look here: to see the next available CAT B courses in our training centre.

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