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UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness - Our new and improved course

UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness - Our new and improved course

Posted on Friday 17th February 2017 by Graham

Information and training for asbestos awareness is intended to give workers the knowledge they need to avoid work that may potentially disturb asbestos during any normal work, whether it’s maintenance, building work or just DIY around your home. We have revamped our Asbestos Awareness course to ensure everyone knows the danger of asbestos and can learn with our Online training in an affordable and flexible approach to UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness Training.

Why Us?

  • We are the UK’s leading asbestos awareness training company. We are UKATA Category A, B and E-Learning members and our team are dedicated to providing quality training for all. In-House, Face to Face and Online.
  • Our courses are reviewed at least annually. (Our online training has been completely updated for 2017)
  • Our online training can be stopped/started when required. Progress is not lost.
  • Logins never expire.
  • It’s suitable for training on any device. Tablet, iPad, Desktop or Laptop.
  • Our support is unrivalled.

Our course is broken down into 4 modules:

  • Module 1 Properties and Risk - This module will provide you an understanding of the basic principles of asbestos, the different types, the properties and why we used asbestos and information why asbestos is dangerous and must be avoided.
  • Module 2 Location of Asbestos Containing Materials - This module will show you the typical products that were made using asbestos ranging from asbestos insulation through to asbestos containing floor tile amongst others. This module will also inform you of the level of risks associated with the many different asbestos containing materials.
  • Module 3 How to avoid Asbestos - Here you will learn how to best avoid coming into contact with asbestos by requesting information from your employers and clients as to the location of asbestos. In the event of accidental damage to asbestos there is a handy emergency procedure for you to copy and keep.
  • Module 4 Legislation - This is your last module and covers an overview of the legislative requirements in the UK relating to asbestos.

Our 4 modules are adapted to allow you support throughout the entirety of the initial course, with our unrivalled E-Support we encourage you to contact us at any point if you need assistance with your training. However, we can‘t answer the questions for you. Our course is fully revised and up to date for 2017 with a brand-new layout making our course easy to read and simple to understand. The course is led by a voiceover and a timer to show you how long you should spend on each page.

Our initial course will develop your understanding of the impact and the risk of Asbestos. Taking our course can help ensure that you can protect yourself and the people around you if you find you are working within the proximity of Asbestos, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your environment.

Once the course is complete you will receive a genuine UKATA Certificate, valid for 12 months.

What else can we offer you?

For those that have previously completed a UKATA approved course within the last 18 months, you should be eligible to complete the Asbestos Awareness Online Refresher. - This is the only UKATA approved online refresher course. Subject to completing the TNA for each module, it becomes possible to complete the course in an hour; instead of UKATA's requirements of over two hours for Initial training. Click here for more details.

We also offer tutor led training. This can be done at our specialist training centre (located on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border closely linked to the M11, A1, A10 and A1198.), at your premises or a venue of your choice.
Please see a list of our scheduled courses here or contact us for a preferred date for training.

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