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The Truth About Asbestos

The Truth About Asbestos

Posted on Tuesday 6th December 2016 by Graham

Recently, people are more aware of the danger which asbestos can pose, and why it’s important to have a specialist company resolve any dangers which asbestos can cause. However, there is a lot of information which you may not know and with our help you can receive the full facts to allow you to feel safe and secure within your workplace or home.

Facts you may not know about Asbestos:

We have used asbestos for over 5000 years:

Archaeologists have uncovered asbestos fibres in debris dating back to the Stone Age, some 750,000 years ago. It is believed that as early as 4000 BC, asbestos' long hair-like fibres were used for wicks in lamps and candles.

Large-scale mining began at the end of the 19th century, Asbestos was used for its desirable physical properties: sound absorption, average tensile strength, resistance to fire, heat, electricity, and affordability. It was used in such applications as electrical insulation for hotplate wiring and in building insulation.

Asbestos is a natural product - and still mined today

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material despite its man-made qualities. Asbestos is a silicate mineral with long, thin fibrous crystals, asbestos is mined from the earth - a practice which is still carried out in Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan and, up until 2011, in Canada. In 2009, two million tonnes of asbestos were mined worldwide.

In the UK, 20 Tradespeople Die From Mesothelioma Each Week

It is commonly known that Asbestos can cause a range of health problems, such as Mesothelioma - Cancer of the outer lining of the lung which is invariably fatal. Indirect exposure of Asbestos can make it extremely difficult to know how many people have been killed by Asbestos.

The British Lung Foundation estimate that 20 tradespeople die every week, in the UK from Mesothelioma. Of which are 8 joiners, 6 electricians and 4 plumbers.

The UK has the highest Mesothelioma mortality rate in the World.

Knowledge Is Key:

Asbestos is no longer used in UK industry, however asbestos related deaths are predicted to rise. This is caused by the exposure to workers and others working within existing installations, such as old building, industrial plants and older vehicles.

It’s important to know the dangers if you are unclear about anything associated with asbestos. We can help you by providing you with all the information you need to feel secure in your environment without the dangers of asbestos.

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