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Asbestos Awareness Training, Face to Face or Online

Posted on Tuesday 29th July 2014 by Graham

UKATA Approved Face to Face Asbestos Awareness Training versus UKATA Approved Asbestos E Learning.

Time was when everyone had to attend a Training Course in order to be able to gain a qualification, now in these times of E Learning it can easily be forgotten what the advantages are of face to face tuition, if time and budget permit.

Asbestos Training Limited offer Training Courses in Asbestos Awareness both in a classroom environment and as an on line tutorial and The Health and Safety Executive recognise the merit of both of these methods. Both courses work to a specified UKATA guideline and follow the UKATA syllabus along with the requirements of the HSE, however in the event of delegates using the UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness Course just as their first step on the ladder in the construction industry, it would always be advised, where possible, that they attend tutor run sessions. If it is only a requirement by a current or temporary employer and not something you will be pursuing further throughout your working life, then an Asbestos E Learning course is obviously more than adequate. However if you are likely to remain in the construction industry and hope to progress, then taking a face to face asbestos awareness course would in all probability be the best way for you. The face to face session allows you to interact with the tutor, raise questions as and when they occur to you, ask for a deeper explanation or clarification on any aspects that you may come across or may be specific to you. You will also have the advantage of being with other individuals in the classroom situation. Asbestos Training Limited Asbestos Awareness classes are kept to a maximum number of 15 people to ensure you gain the most from the session and at the end of this you leave with a copy of all the Course Notes and your UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness Certificate. You can also rest assured that if you have trained with us at Asbestos Training Limited then we will always be on the end of a phone to answer your queries whether it is now or at some point in the future, Asbestos Training Limited has a commitment to helping those who have trained with us.

For those of you that then wish to progress to the next level of Asbestos Training, after successful completion of the Asbestos Awareness level, this has to be carried out by a Trainer in a classroom situation. Asbestos Training Limited have very well qualified and experienced Trainers, and they will be able to ensure a smooth transition from the Asbestos Awareness (Category A) entry level course to the Non-Licensable Work with Asbestos to HSG 210 (Asbestos Essentials Task Manual) (or alternatively known as Category B) and even further up the ladder should you require. All of our Asbestos Tutors will be able to ensure that any particular concerns you may have are dealt with thoroughly and prior to attending one of our Courses you can always contact us for further advice on any aspect.

Never forget we can arrange to come to your premises and carry out In house Asbestos Training, you do not have to come to us. Although it should be noted that we have a new bespoke UKATA Approved Training Centre, with the latest equipment (more on this another time), located within easy reach of the A14, A1 and M11. Our nearest rail station is only ten minutes away so again if you would rather avoid driving to us, then using the train is another very viable alternative.

So if you want to ensure you are getting the best value for money by taking the right course for you then why not call or email us, we are more than happy to talk to you and advise on all the various aspects of UKATA Asbestos Awareness and UKATA Non-Licensable Asbestos Training.

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