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Asbestos Awareness for Groundworkers

Asbestos Awareness for Groundworkers

This new course will assist delegates to meet legal obligations when undertaking works on presumed or known contaminated sites and provide an awareness of the types, condition and visual images of what can be found below ground level.

This course is aimed at any persons who may encounter asbestos containing materials during their day to day work activities whilst undertaking ground work activities. This could include Site investigation engineers, utilities installation and maintenance engineers, ground works operatives, including ground drilling and manual excavations, fencing installation, on site remediation and waste disposal, or any other persons likely to disturb asbestos containing materials as defined in CAR 2012 and JIWG CAR-SOIL 2016.

The Asbestos Awareness for Groundworkers differs from the standard Asbestos Awareness training as it covers Asbestos in Soils origins and what to do when hidden ACMs have been identified. This course will have specific Emergency Procedures for groundworkers and a brief overview of locations of ACMs in buildings.

Course timings are as follows:

Half Day (3-4 Hours)

This course is available for mornings or afternoons; at a premises of your choice or at our dedicated training centre.

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